Emerald Coast Foundation

September 19th, 2019 by

The story of the Emerald Coast Foundation spans almost two decades. It is a chronicle of the giving spirit of the Emerald Coast. It is an understanding of the great benefits of Public / Private partnerships that bring together talented individuals and businesses that are willing to give so much to make things happen.

Step One Automotive Group became involved with the Emerald Coast Foundation as a partner of their 2019 Poker Run and Boat Week, as volunteers to support the event, donations to the cause and participation as board members of the foundation.
All proceeds from Emerald Coast Boat Week and Poker Run go to the recipient children’s charities of the Emerald Coast Foundation. This event was started 25 years ago to help the youth of our local area have a chance at a brighter future. Without the ECF, these kids would go without, and that is just not acceptable.

As of Boat Week last year, the Emerald Coast Foundation has raised over $2.5 million dollars for our local kids in need. What an impact! This is a volunteer-run event. There are no paid employees. Every penny goes to the kids. It is done out of love and dedication to our community and our kids.

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