Meals on Wheels

September 19th, 2019 by

In 2019, the employees at Subaru Fort Walton Beach signed up to participate in Meals on Wheels. Every week, they deliver meals to elderly residents of our community who rely on meals on wheels every day for nutritional support.

For over 35 years Meals on Wheels has provided locally prepared, hot, nutritious meals for the elders of our community. Our commitment has been to produce the highest quality and nutritionally balanced product which incorporates the freshest produce and meat available.

One meal per day can mean the difference between life and death, between institutionalization and independence, between fear and security. One meal per day contributes to good health, improved cognitive skills and dignity of the person. One meal per day provides human contact to those who are alone and isolated. One meal per day is a statement of caring, compassion – a statement of humanity.
And this initiative was entirely driven by the employees of Step One Automotive Group.

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