September 24th, 2020 by

Strong but silent, the Volkswagen ID.4 is here and we could not be more excited for this electric vehicle.  This EV is said to rival the iconic Tesla equivalent.  One of the most unique features about the ID.4 is the panoramic fixed glass roof; this adds to the clean and dynamic style of the vehicle.  More style and functionality features of the car include the LED tail lights and the illuminated door handles and VW logo on the grille.  The first edition design includes the white accents and badging throughout the interior of the car.  With 64.2 cu ft of cargo space go ahead and spread out and carry as much as you need wherever you go.  Travel far and wide in eco friendly fashion with 250 mile range.  Plus there are over 17,000 + charging stations around the United States we can charge up at.    It’s no wonder the First Edition is already sold out.  Don’t worry though because you can still preorder the Pro now.

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